Victoria's Article in Jewelry Artist magazine

Check you local bookstore for the April 2008 issue of Lapidary Journal: Jewelry Artist magazine. My project article, Strata Charm Bracelet is on page 42 along with my earrings, Turkish Nights, on page 41 of the Contributor's Gallery. Thanks to Editor-in-Chief, Merle White, and Managing Editor, Helen Driggs, for being such great people to work with!

On a less that perfect note, the two-part article solicited by Art Jewelry magazine has been published in the May 2008 issue under the titles The Perfect Stamp Is the One You Make Yourself and Take the Next Step in Bezel Making. Because of their confusing re-writing of the article and the misinformation contained therein, I have made the original material available on my site. Also, I did not write the sidbar, "temper, temper" contained in the stamp making article, nor in 19 years of metalsmithing have I ever sunk to such an unfortunate pun. Click here for my stamp making project. Click here for my stamped step bezel project. By agreement with Art Jewelry, I retain the right to publish the original material.


Jean said...


PS - where's my DVD!???

kevin said...

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