Composting Good & Evil

Visit an exhibition you can attend from anywhere! The show, Composting Good & Evil, presented by Ethical Metalsmiths is now online at ethicalmetalsmiths.org

The show premiered last month at the 2008 Society of North American Goldsmiths Conference in Savannah, GA on a giant digital billboard on one of the buildings of Savannah College of Art and Design. I have to admit, seeing my 1-3/4" long pendant on the side of a building was trippy and yielded a different perspective of it than I'd had before.

The organization promotes greater demand for ethically mined and refined metal through understanding and awareness of where we get and how we use these materials.

From their site:
We asked artists "to consider what would happen if we tossed our smug habits into a heap? What would happen if we composted our shameless sins, our saintly intentions and our fertile imaginations and pledged to use the resulting fecund glory to redesign and nurture the world?" We suggested using any of the following words as guides; reflect, reform, reconsider, resolve, relate, revise, rework, renew, repair, repurpose, reconnect, review, regret, renounce, reproach, react, rethink, reuse, reduce and recycle.

Check it out along with the rest of the exhibition. Many of the artist statements are well worth the read as well.

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