New Rings DVD Release!!!

Yes, it's out! Metal Techniques of Bronze Age Masters: Rings was released March 4, 2008 just in time for me to ship out the pre-orders and head off to the Society of North American Goldsmiths Conference in Savannah.

The content of the DVD is based on my Rings workshop, a 2-3 day intensive in which students walk away with between 3 and 6 six rings finished (or nearly so) based on ancient styles but with a contemporary twist and design options of their own. I chose 3 of my favorite styles from this workshop, the intaglio inspired wax seal ring, the drusy ring, and the hidden compartment "poison" ring. Offering the instructions for this set of rings also allowed me to include the techniques of alloying gold, making gold bezel wire, fusing gold/silver bi-metal, roller printing, stamping, and, of course, some really handy bezel tricks for gold or silver bezels.

Post release, I've taken some much needed time off to do really exciting things like my taxes. No time to bask in the glory. I did, however, just discover that my first dvd in the series, Russian Filigree is available at Target.com. Turns out they're powered by Amazon, which is one of my retailers.

Wow, you spend your life promoting one-of-a-kind works of art and railing against mass market consumerism, and, well, end up there anyway. More importantly, there is a map behind my desk with pins covering up large areas of Europe, Asia, South America, and 2/3 of North America to indicate my retail dvd sales. There hasn't been time for me to keep up with adding pins, but I'm thrilled that the series has done so well!

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kevin said...

This DVD is very informative and helpful for all the students of Goldsmith in using new techniques to give a gold ring an attractive look, also help them to give stylish look to the gold.

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