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Snip Snip

Well, there I was getting my little mop top's hair trimmed. - How anyone can cut the hair of a constantly moving child is beyond me. It's a talent at a near Edward Scissorhands level. Better his stylist, Heidi, than me! -

I'd been contemplating it for a while. You see, it's been driving me crazy lately. Even after I braid it and tie it in 2 knots, it still flops over my shoulder and into the fish pond while I'm gardening. Besides the ends seemed really ratty. So I told Heidi, "cut it to there." while my mother watched and rolled her eyes. "Wow, it hasn't been that short in a while." I said when she was finished. My mother rolled her eyes again. The floor around me was covered in hair from where Heidi had chopped a whole 3 inches off my tresses. Yes, it's only 2" past my ass now instead of down to my knees. I realize it will be a shock for most people. I'm still getting used to it. Had you going there for a minute, huh? Too bad it's only Halloween and not April Fools. ;-)

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