song du jour: Rapper's Delight, The Sugarhill Gang

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BEWARE: iTune's new 'Just for you' Beta!!!

Oh, like I need some other black hole in which to obliterate what's left of my time... Now iTunes has that cool/totally annoying feature like Amazon. "If you like this, you might listen to_____" There's a bunch of music I've probably still got on vinyl somewhere around the house that I never got around to buying on CD (dates me!). There was a whole summer I didn't listen to anything but REM, U2, and Prince (don't ask) and gee, there it is on my desktop just waiting for my little fingers to push 'buy song.'

This is what happens to me in the iTunes black hole of time and money...just .99 at a time!

Lovergirl, Teena Marie
Rigor Mortis, Cameo
Funk Funk, Cameo
All Sons of Bitches, George Clinton & Da P-Funk AllStars
The Breaks, Kurtis Blow
You and I, Rick James
Rapper's Delight, The Sugarhill Gang
Don't Be Afraid of the Dark, The Robert Cray Band
Allem Alby (Remix), Amr Diab
The Things We Do for Love, 10cc
Smalltown Boy, Bronski Beat
Ain't Necessarily So, Bronski Beat
Why?, Bronski Beat
Disenchanted, Bronski Beat and the Communards
Gloria, U2

Could a pop/rock/r&b list get weirder? No, not really. Can't wait until I hit 'shuffle songs' on the ipod and get Hildegard after Kurtis Blow...

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