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Skyler Lost His First Tooth!!!

It only seems like a while ago that I was helping him deal with the pain of getting those suckers in. The bottom front are the first to come and the first to go. It's a big step in growing-up-hood. The Tooth Fairy brought him a $1.10. Skyler wanted a "shiny new dime" like Sister Bear got in The Bearenstain Bears Go to the Dentist, but I thought with inflation and all the kid should get at least a dollar. We went to the toy store and spent it on a Playmobil toy bank. (Go figure.) Sky asked me how long it will take to get the new one in. It's just barely showing out of his gums. When he found out the whole new teeth process takes a few years, he decided it wasn't really worth the money. :-) On a big plus note, the child, who has only in the last few weeks put up with my insisting on toothpaste, has now decided my new Sonicare toothbrush, aka the tickle toothbrush is tolerable, possibly fun.

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