Eastern Repousse Workshops at Rio Grande

Jewelry Workshops at Rio Grande
High Relief Eastern Repousse and Chasing Workshop at Rio Grande, Albuquerque, NM

July 27-28, 2014 and July 29-30, 2014

(same workshop, 2 options of dates)*


Learn intimately how metal moves and how to make your mark on it. In this class, you will discover how to create the high-relief hammered textures typical of Eastern repoussé and chasing developed by the artisans of ancient Egypt, Greece, and Scythia. Taught by master artist Victoria Lansford, whose work is known worldwide, students will make 2-3 brooches or pendants while learning the secrets of these techniques. Discover how to achieve exquisite detail, unsurpassed depth, and multiple levels of relief—all features that are exclusive to this type of repoussé and are, in turn, applicable to any design style. Participants will also be introduced to the possibilities of using these techniques with alternative materials, such as mokume gane and bi-metal and advanced projects such as rings and cuff bracelets.

The tools you will use in the class are Swiss-machined replications of Victoria's own treasured set of tools. Information on making tools will be presented; however, the majority of class time will be devoted to applying and practicing repoussé techniques.

Foliage III
Here's what you'll learn in this two-day class!
NOTE: We provide all the tools and equipment for use in the class (but take a peek at the Materials tab for a glimpse of the tools you will be using and may want to add to your toolbox back at your studio).

• The basics of using a line tool and becoming comfortable using it.
• The first steps for repoussé.
• Refinement techniques using chasing.
• How to raise high-relief designs.
• Practice working with beginner to more advanced projects and with alternative materials such as bi-metal and mokume gane.
• Learn how to use a variety of forming tools and the important safety precautions to follow.

What you'll take home with you:
• The pieces you make in class.
• A wealth of knowledge and the spark to take your jewelry making and soldering to the next level. After this class, maybe try a fabrication or soldering class!

*Students familiar with the technique through Victoria's DVD will have the option to work on more advance projects in class. Students, wishing to take both workshops, may continue working on more advanced projects during the second workshop.

Through her artwork, publications, workshops, and passion for creating Victoria has generated an international revival of nearly lost, old world metalsmithing techniques. Her Eastern repousse artwork has been featured in many books and magazines, including Metalsmith, Jewelry Artist, Lark’s 500 Handmade Books vol 2, and Chasing & Repoussé, and as the third instructional DVD in her internationally acclaimed series, Metal Techniques of Bronze Age Masters.

Read more about the unique qualities and possibilities of Eastern repousse and chasing.

Imagination Bodies Forth
Eastern repousse front cover of a one of a kind, long stitch book with calligraphic hand lettering over a printed digital montage of original collages, and an acid etched copper back cover 

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