Ancient World Inspired Jewelry by Victoria Lansford by Pearl Blay of Beading Gem's Journal

Ancient World Inspired Jewelry by Victoria Lansford
Victoria Lansford is an extraordinary jewelry artisan. She is not only skilled in all kinds of metal work but also a passionate modern day master of ancient world jewelry making techniques.  Some of this Atlanta, Georgia artisan's most exquisite work is in the art of filigree metalwork. The kind she does is known as Russian or Open Back filigree. 

Curves in the Right Places II : Russian Filigree

Victoria does not take the easy way out with filigree work. She said, "I build the frame from 18K gold or sterling silver wire and make the tiny "filler" wires from fine silver (.999% pure silver) for flexibility and contrast. I shape and cut each individual wire to tension fit it within the frame so that I can turn the piece over with the wires still in place and solder from the back.  read the full article

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