Why I'm Just a Tiny Bit Smug at the Moment

Russian filigree earrings
Sterling, fine silver
2-3/4" x 7/8" x 1/2"
© 2012, V. Lansford; $640.
I remember having the oddest conversation with a non artist friend back in late 2006.  I was excitedly telling her about my first upcoming DVD, Russian Filigree.  She asked how many copies I was having replicated.  

"1000," I told her.  

She looked at me with an expression of utmost pity, clearly afraid to tell me that there could be no way that 1000 people would ever be interested in or have the patience to learn Russian filigree from my DVD.  

Fortunately, she was dead wrong.

My unfailing belief that many people out there were hungry to learn ancient metalsmithing techniques was spot on.  
As of the end of this past October, I am officially sold out of Russian Filigree DVDs. That DVD began not only my whole series; I'm extremely proud and humbled to say that it generated an international revival of the technique.  

Want the DVD and don't yet have it?  Fear not!  1000 more are on their way. They should be back in stock by mid December.

All the other DVDs, books, supplies, and tools are currently in stock and are shipped as orders are placed.  Russian Filigree DVDs will be shipped separately as soon as I receive them.

My deepest thanks to everyone who collects my artwork or learns through my teaching and has supported my keeping ancient techniques alive.



Merki said...

Victoria you are absolutely correct in that people want to learn these ancient techniques. I had been googling filigree for a long time before I found you. There were others out there that had posted some information but it was not everything I needed. You, on the other hand, have made a one stop shop for all aspects of working with filigree. To many of us, these techniques are still somewhat guarded by old guild craftsmen. You have made the information accessible in the internet age.

While I did not buy the first CD I will be ordering the second one very soon. Please keep up the good work.

Victoria Lansford said...

Thanks so much, Merki!