You Gotta Have Heat... and Fraktur

These past few month when I taught so many workshops from coast to coast, I spent some of my free evenings, teaching myself a different calligraphy hand. (My TSA approved for carry-ons, ridiculously small, quart size, zip lock back of liquids contained as much colored ink as it did shampoo and makeup.) This new-to-me hand is called, fraktur, and is a curvier version of black letter and Gothic. Many of the letters are composed of a shape often found in my metalwork, so it's easy to see why this is my newest obsession.

The quote is an offhand comment that I made to my friend, Greg Clarkson, when I was explaining that there isn't much I do metal wise that doesn't require a torch. Greg, seconded by my husband, declared the statement to be a metaphor that extends well beyond the bounds of metalsmithing.

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