Melissa Graff's Fabulous Choker

Last summer when I taught at Peter's Valley, I had the pleasure of having Melissa Graff as my studio assistant. One day in class she showed me this piece in progress, and let me try it on. I must have modeled it around the studio for half and hour while holding up my hair with one arm so it could be viewed from all sides. (My arm fell asleep, but it was worth it!) I suggested that she begin getting her work published. Although she was still in school, Melissa possessed a unique artistic voice of her own that came through loud and clear in her work, and so I told her not to wait. Get your work out there!

Here is the photo of the choker, shown in the September 2010 issue of Art Jewelry magazine.

Go Melissa!!!

Melissa J. Graff made Statement Piece to say that jewelry doesn’t have to be small and shiny to be beautiful. “It can be larger and look more aged and still have a wise and elegant quality to it.” The 14-gauge (1.6 mm) brass-wire piece is 25.4 x 19 x 12.7 cm (10 x 7-1⁄2 x 5 in.). Photo by Michael Zawadzki. This piece appeared in the September 2010 issue of Art Jewelry magazine.

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