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7 months in the making, and my magnum opus to date is finally (almost) complete. Like most any blockbuster, my release date is a month behind, but tomorrow I pick up the masters and fedex them to the DVD replication company. Except for the shipping schlepping, it is now mostly out of my hands, and I'm sure my director-editor-videographer god, Matthew, will be grateful only to hear my voice in social settings for a while. Wild as it's been for this one woman show to collaborate on such a huge project, I am endlessly grateful to work with someone, who shares the same vision, and who, no matter what I threw at him never said anything but "ok" in the most patient can do tone. (I figure whatever he's said behind my back will be offset by a series of big checks.)

As sick as I am of hearing myself talk about filigree, I am still utterly mesmerized at Matthew's spectacular moving images of my babies in progress. It made pulling and editing 50+ stills for the PDF book so much more rewarding. Ah, yes, the PDF book... 70 picture and text heavy pages. I thought I was doing a DVD instead of a book, but in my bottomless sense of integrity, I was determined that anyone, who already knows how to silver solder, can learn Russian filigree from this DVD. The PDF allows people to watch instead of taking notes and still have the directions beside them while they work.

After working until literally sun up every night this week, I'm having a hard time slowing down to my usual 80mph. I need some kind of post production half way house in which to recover and ease back into my normal crazy busy life. I do in most days what 'busy' people do in a week, but this has been a massive undertaking. Shooting it was the easy part. I need elves. I was content developer, set designer, graphic dept., script writer, manual writer, production assistant, stylist, stills photographer, and producer. My PR and marketing hats stay on. I've pre-sold quite a few copies, which tremendously helped offset the $$$ replication costs, allowing me to do the highest possible quality first run, and I've already got two of the largest retail supply companies interested and awaiting their copies of the retail ready package.

And now to finish the last minute Xmas commissions...


Jean said...

PROUD OF YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MD said...

Big echo on that!

Kathy said...

Hey Victoria -- I just saw part of your video and it was like being in class with you! Same words, same instructions -- the good thing is I never learned Project #5, so seeing how to make that gorgeous ring is a big plus. Good job! Aren't you glad I told you about the wild new world of DVD? :) Best of luck to you.