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Jean's got a great post about band names with a link to a band name generator. In her ongoing question of "What's your band name?" mine is, according to her, Roman Chain, which is of course a heavy metal band. If you want to know hers you'll have to read her post.

After hitting the bandname generator, I posted my results in her comment section, but I will post them here for your laughing pleasure.

Lead singer for Roman Chain here.

I tried the band name generator with the word 'silver' and got these

Silver Grimace
Silver Ennui and the Geek
Silver Frank
Silver Halogen
Silver Incognito
Screeching Silver
Envy Silver
Silver Operator
Liquid of the Silver Trash
Silver Opiate

Now, since in the shower and car, I'm Annie Lennox, all I need is a very talented backup dork, and the name Silver Ennui and the Geek is PERFECT!

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