Who I Am As an Artist

Bruce Baker always says, "Artists are people that other people think have run away to join the circus."  True.  In defense of my seemingly playful, yet deceptively challenging life choice, when talking with non artists I find myself emphasizing the work part of making artwork.

I've been wondering ever since those silly what-people-think-I-do meme posters started going around, what would mine look like?  Sadly, it hit me in the early morning hours when I should have been up and drawing but was attempting in vain to go back to sleep after the dog woke me up too early.  I later mentioned my personal meme poster idea to my husband, who cut me off and interjected in all seriousness:  "Who others think you are is Michaelangelo; who you think you are is Leonardo; who you really are is Nick."  There are many reasons my husband is my biggest fan.

"Uh, wow, gee, I'm not sure anyone but you buys the Michaelangelo bit.  Leo, my hero? In my dreams...  Nick?  Do I really have that much angst?  Ok, well, yes, perhaps more."  

"But I wasn't thinking of anyone quite that serious," I admitted hesitantly, now afraid to say the characters in my head.

"Well?" he asked while still chopping potatoes.  So I told him my thoughts.  Note: beware the effects of making anyone laugh that hard while weilding a kitchen knife close to their own (or your) fingers.

Who People Think I Am As an Artist:  Red Fraggle 
Extroverted and enthusiastic to a fault, Henson.com describes Red as "a nonstop whirligig of activity."  To her fellow Fraggles, Red is often seen as a flash of crimson racing to her next athletic pursuit."  In my case substitute artistic pursuit for athletic one.  Ever exuberant about endeavors that interest her, always willing to help, but desperately bad at delegating until she finds herself in deep water, freaking out.  One of my friends, who is also a student and collector of my artwork, often sends me email addressed "Dear Wonder Woman" after my newsletters go out.  I suppose I do keep rather busy.  

Who I Think I Am As an Artist:  Mokey Fraggle
Introverted, wise, intuitive, aloof and angst ridden. Does not suffer fools without sighing excessively. Desperate to express her creativity.

From Henson.com: "Mokey is an artist, poet and philosopher. She seems to be in touch with some sort of higher Fraggle consciousness. Mokey is fascinated by the beauty and intricacy of the world around her, and is always seeking new ways to share this feeling with others." 

"Like all Fraggles, Mokey can get a little carried away - a dab of paint to cover a crack in the wall can lead easily to an epic mural. Also, her dogooding nature can sometimes get her into trouble... But her oblique, holistic insights are unique in Fraggledom and enable her to come up with very creative solutions to some tricky problems."

Who I Really Am As an Artist:  A Doozer

Like methodical and thoughtful Energizer Bunnies, Doozers are simultaneously in design and execution modes.  Doozers redefine the term workaholic because they're not happy unless they're building something.  They never stop "doing what Doozers do" even when other people (objects, pets, eatting, sleeping, breathing, life) get in the way or tear down their creations.

While I wouldn't be caught dead in pink and green, I have to admit to having more than a little in common with their work ethic.  Doing nothing creative = boredom beyond belief. I'd rather be creating.

Not to patronize, trivialize, or cutesy up what I do, but if you're not Doozer aware, this video will give you an idea what I mean.

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