Sawing the Better Mousetrap

Check out friend and fellow metalsmith Brian Meek of Knew Concepts being interviewed by Adam Savage of Mythbusters fame.  Adam had recently used a Knew Concept saw in a video to make dovetailed joints, and Brian stopped by Adam's studio to help him understand which one of the Knew Concept saws would have been better for the job.

I recently got to try one of the new primo Titanium Bird Cage Saws at Rio Grande's booth at the SNAG conference in Toronto.  I have to say using it was an absolute sawgasm!  (Poor Brian is still recovering from the embarrassment at my exclamation.)

I've always hated sawing and have used Joyce Chen shears to cut anything I possibly can instead.  The Knew Concept aluminum saws make me not hate sawing.  The Titanium Bird Cage ones makes me actually love sawing!  Never thought that was possible.

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Linda Osburn said...

OMG! I am in total tool envy.