Top 10 Things I Promise Myself Every Time I Travel

10. I will prepare everything work related that I need for the _________ (workshop, conference, family visit, or gasp, vacation) way ahread of time.

9. I will do laundry days in advance and not wear any of those clothes before I need to pack them.

8. I will remember that wherever I go, even in my treks through the less traveled sites of Egypt, there are stores that sell those little luxuries like toothbrushes and socks.

7. I will remember that the laws of physics prohibit the stuffing of 15 pounds of potatoes into a 5 found bag... even a SpaceBag.

6. I will not promise myself to complete more than humanly possible right before a trip no matter how cool the sudden design or inspiration is. (3 days before I leave really isn't enough time to complete my magnum opus, or so I keep telling myself.)

5. I will pack less stuff.

4. I will not spend the hours before a flight in utter fear of my being separated from the artworks in my luggage as I go through airport security. (I often am anyway, so it's hardly a surprise.)

3. 2 carry-ons on a flight = 27 tote bags on a car trip = leg room. No!!!

2. I will get 8 hours of sleep the night before I leave town and not kid myself into believing that 20 minutes of semi-consciousness on a bumpy flight is a power nap and will make the bags under my eyes magically disappear.

1. I will remember, adhere to, and live by rules 2-10. Yeah, right... Damn, did I remember to pack cerulean ground up stick ink in my TSA approved quart zip top bag of liquids. What if I need it?!?

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