Every Girl Needs a Metal Halter

I'm a dangerous person to dare. I have a rather hard time passing one up, and so when my husband dared me to bellydance my way through the runway show in which I modeled my Russian filigree and Eastern repousse halter, Aphrodite Goes to War, I was severely tempted. When I arrived at the Museum of Fine Art, Houston, I decided to walk it straight, however, Bruce Metcalf, who was behind me in the line up kept teasing me, "Honey, think slink!" When it was my turn to go, the person cuing me said, "Everyone is going too fast. You need to slow it down."

"Walk slowly?!?" I thought. No way. If I'm going to have to move slowly, I'd rather be slinking, so I did. Here's an excerpt of the event. Thanks to Angela Gleason and Barbara Kile for creating a great show.

A segment from the eXhibition in Motion, Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, 2010 Society of North American Goldsmiths Conference

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