Goodbye, Mollie

I've created many a piece while watching my favorite Britcoms from the 70's and 80's. Although I'm not one to watch the same movies or TV shows over and over (I only own 4 or 5 movies), I've watched all the episodes I can find of Are You Being Served more times than I can count. There's nothing like laughing your backside off while coping with a challenging soldering moment. If only I could achieve patinas on silver the colors of Mollie Sugden's hair.

Now my son watches Britcoms with me. In fact, he's officially made them family time so that he can pause the DVR 20 times per episode and explain the jokes to his clueless parents. (Aren't all parents clueless when you're 9 years old?) After nearly a year of this ritual, he's finally stopped asking why the audience laughs so hard when Sugden's infamous character, Mrs. Slocumb refers to her cat as "my pussy".

Molly Sugden, you will be missed, and "I am unanimous in that!" I'm sorry the end was tough, but you were brilliant from the beginning.

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