The "Small World" of Art Connects Victoria Lansford to Greeneville

Check out this feature article by Daniel Luther in the Greeneville Marketplace!


Cheryl Van Dyck said...

I can't believe you were in Greeneville!!!!!! I have wanted to see your work in person forever, and I can't believe that it's now in a gallery right here where I live. I'll be visiting the gallery pronto! Wish you could teach a class here!!

victoria said...

The world gets even smaller! There is quite a bit of my work at James-Ben Gallery now. Please check it out, and tell James-Ben hello for me. What the article didn't say was that his former baby-sitting client and I are newlyweds as of last May and met through the small world of another mutual friend.

Getting to TN is fairly easy for us, so where there is a studio filled with enough people, I'm happy to bring my tool bag!