A Musical Seance, Oct 28, 2008, Atl

If you're in Atlanta, please join me in supporting our oldest park and most unique link to our past, Oakland Cemetery, at what promises to be one very cool event:

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Le Moulin Rouge at Paris on Ponce presents

A Musical Seance: A Benefit for Oakland Cemetery

featuring Paul Mercer, Jill Tracy, and the Ghosts Project

Doors open at 7pm

Press quotes:
Since joining forces on Halloween 2007, Jill Tracy and Paul Mercer are becoming widely known for their astonishing duets on piano and violin, mostly improvised or channeled. The pair affectionately refer to their duets as "spontaneous musical combustion." Their uncanny ability to conjure spirits through unsettlingly lavish compositions has led to spellbinding results, eerily transporting the room and its rapt audience into a "musical séance." Legendary scribe V. Vale of RE/Search publications described a Jill Tracy/Paul Mercer séance as "Sheer magic! Perfection. Improvised... If you're lucky enough to be there, you realize you've just had a hint of something extra-mortal, uber-human, transcendent - maybe the concentrated ghosts of Shakespeare's Globe Theater or the Commedia Dell'arte of the past are swirling around the room . . . and you think that THIS is the new avant-garde: live, un-censored, living theater."

Also appearing will be The Ghosts Project, Dames Aflame Burlesque and The Seed and Feed Marching Abominable Band. Drinks will be available for donations, and fabulous prizes will be raffled off throughout the evening.

To read more about the event and purchase tickets, please visit:
$35. per person, includes drink tickets and hors d'oeuvres and small plates from many delicious local restaurants and caterers

Audience members are asked to bring small objects of special significance to them, such as a photo, talisman, jewelry, token.

I understand that the guest of honor is my great great great grandfather, John Freeman. Don't miss him!

Enjoy this clip of Paul and Jill in Portland

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