(Way) Downunder

song du jour: The Lady Is a Tramp, Dean Martin

That great tempter, he who finds very pretty shiny things, Gene McDevitt now has a blog about the unique experience of mining Koroit opals in Queensland, Australia. Gene (I call him "the Candyman" behind his back) is not only a talented cutter of beautiful opals but also a really smart guy. His blog is well worth a spot in your RSS folder. How often does one get to read a humorous and well written account of spider bites in the worst place any human can imagine (no, not him, a neighbor miner)? Ah, but don't let me blow all the punch lines. Read it for yourself.

Gene is the source for all of the lip smacking Koroit opals in my work. I may be more into metal than stones, but his opals are like looking into other worlds. They're just, well... yummy. Hopefully, Gene will soon post about his experience with a Western Taipan. I'm back to the bench to set my new shiny things.

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