Minor to Major

song du jour: I Mean You, Thelonious Monk & Gerry Mulligan

I've often said that if my soul had a soundtrack, it would be "Deacon Blues" by Steely Dan. There's just something about that opening minor chord progression... Give me something pentatonic, something mysterious yet melodic and set to a back beat, and half of me will be soaring in a different dimension. I had that experience today at Centenial Park, hearing The Ghosts Project play.

They have a fluidity not only to their music but also to their line up. They've recently added vocalist, Mink Wiltz, a mezzo soprano with a beautiful classically trained voice and that elusive balance of wildness and control. I'm always amazed at how big and deep a sound three people can create, a sound so big, if they weren't miked, they'd still fill up the space, but then member, Paul Mercer can do that all by himself with one violin. It's also nice to see (hear) three unique, powerful, and distinct sounds without the interference of three big egos getting in the way. Genuine humility is a talent all by itself and makes for a fabulous meld. I've added their links to the "fellow artists" section over to the side.

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