Oops! The 'k'

Life of late has had an extra whirlwind element to it but in a good way. I recently taught a workshop in Seattle for a delightful bunch of smiths at a great facility, Jewelry Resource Supply. Before and since I've been in the throws of creativity, which is to say I've been making stuff like mad. To give you an idea list how busy things have been, neither my honey nor my mother nor I noticed my giant faux pas for Skyler's birthday party, but it did not escape my quick and teasingly smug friend, Beth, that on the Woodstock adorned birthday cake I had so lovingly decorated for my son I had iced. "Happy Birthday Syler." Gee, I gave the kid that name 8 years long ago, but it's not unreasonable that I should remember there is a 'k' in there somewhere.

Speaking of smug friends, I have another who has taken smugness to a whole new level. It took her some doing a while back, but she did manage to engage in that oh so dangerous endeavor, the matching up of close friends. He went on his first blind date (if you can call reading someones bio, blog, and artist statement and surfing her artwork for 2 hours a 'blind' date), and I was promised by said friend that this guy is "brains brawn and grace all in one package." Virginia was right, which she rather likes being. ;-) (She's a lawyer.)

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