V on TV!

Friday, June 15 at 9:30am HGTV will finally air the segment of me working that they taped in April of 2006 for their show, That's Clever! As the date approaches at last, I've been remembering snippets of the experience of a 4 person crew + me in my studio (and how punchy we were by the end). 6 hours of work into 7 minutes to show and CLOSELY following their usual formula... It should be very interesting. There's also a strong possibility that Skyler will be in the intro, depending on which take they use. It's all in the editing.

Yesterday I received Rio Grande's 600-page 2007 Tools & Equipment Catalog with my DVD conspicuously displayed in the 'new products' section. (For those of you not in the know, Rio is the largest supplier to both the commercial and artistic sides of jewelry. Their catalogs are the end all be all of cool stuff... sort of like the Sears catalog circa 1950.)

The day before my national TV debut is Flag Day here in the U.S., which is also known as the anniversary of when I last turned 29. ;-) For this year's birthday I get... fame. (It better last longer than 15 minutes.)

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