What I Won't Post for a Laugh...

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After sending an email to my student list about the you know what release, I received an edited reply from one, um, dear student, revising how my blurb should read. In the interest of not causing the search engines to put this blog entry up instead of my D*D page, I've disguised the key words, but you'll still get the idea.

Are you in the m00d for some H0TT wire on wire action? Those kinky Ru*s**ns knew how to throw a party and Veronika Bigguns will show you how to make your stuff LONGER and MORE TWISTED than you could ever imagine! For only $1.99 (+$78 s&h) our sultry instructress will show you heated and steamy vid**s of the kind of pairings that only a metal pervert could imagine. Silver on silver. Gold on gold. Silver on gold. Colored gems lying with white pearls. Best yet this video will walk you through performing these acts yourself. We guarantee that learning these techniques will get you very hot and very bothered.

And I thought I bent over backwards (ahem) to ensure anyone learning from this production wouldn't feel 'bothered.' (Pete, you are a very bad boy!)

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