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I just returned from taking Skyler and my mother to the airport and had one more phone conversation before their plane took off for the colonial period. In keeping with Skyler's love of circling Gran on his bike while shouting, "The British are coming! The British are coming!" they are bound for Williamsburg and Monticello to see Thomas Jefferson's cool invention, the dumb waiter, and probably acquire a 3 cornered hat in the midst of his asking my mother 5682 questions to see if she agrees with his answers.

I expect by now he's already flirted with at least 2 flight attendants by complementing their hair and befriended the captain by explaining that he's traveling to Jefferson's house just the way Jefferson visited France and subsequently introduced the tomato to the new world (colonists had assumed they were poisonous), although he will undoubtedly point out that they are on a plane not a ship and ask the pilot how long it would take to sail from Atlanta to Virginia just to see if the guy is paying attention. Yes, I have spawned a young Casanova-geek.

I was thinking, as I stood off to the side and watched Skyler wind his way through the first security checkpoint, that the western notion of non-attachment is not only pathological, it's just plain silly. I have certainly looked forward to this chunk of time to work non vampire hours and have more than 5 minutes without the interruption of endless questions from Mr. Inquisitive, but as usual, if I thought I was going to be footloose and fancy free, I was kidding myself. Nature has a way of reminding me of that most precious bond via a tightening around my chest at the thought of my baby being so far away. I used to think moms, who couldn't just chill away from their babies for a few hours were loopy until I went through all that I did with mine and learned better. Freedom is relative, and their is no, nor should there be, any escape. Still, I'll enjoy sleeping late a couple of mornings.

Skyler at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens atop a climbable Sculpture by Nikki de St. Phalle, July, 2006

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Kathy said...

He's such a doll! I'll bet you're missing his sweet little face a lot right about now.