Comcrap Coughs Up

At last I have semi-consistant internet access. It has taken a minimum of 6 calls/day for over a week to Comcast as well as much pleading, begging, and the occasional top of the lungs ranting to get real live (unacceptably slow) customer service. Around their tech dept. the customer seems to be known as 'the enemy' with few exceptions. The Cookie Monster, whom I've never known to be the slightest bit paranoid, insists that someone at Comcrap doesn't like me, has sabotaged my connection, and put in some kind of nastiness about me in my account records. I feel like Elain from Seinfeld, who got on physicians' 'bad' list so no one would treat her miserable rash. I have at least 4 posts underway. I am visualizing my connection being so stable as to actually let me get them uploaded sometime soon. See the little green light staying solid... imagine knowledgeable technician on ladder truck installing router for back up connection... go to your happy place, where email always gets through...

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