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song du jour: Dreams, Fleetwood Mac

mood: so very sleepy...zzzzz

V laughing to Jean: "The end to patriarchy will come when each guy figures out that every woman he is involved with will make him pay for every wrong ever done her by every man she's ever encountered."

Getting into the car before dinner:

V: "Every heard the bimbo mating call?"

CM: "Uh, no."

V: "Ooooo, you're so strong! [said in a high pitch voice with a giggle that goes up at the end] What's an even better bimbo mating call?"

CM: "I give up."

V: "Ooooo, I think I've had too much to drink! [said in same dumb voice]

CM: Hearing you talk like that is just wrong. It's like someone try to fit a size one hat over a much larger brain." ;-)

From an email from my mom after Skyler spent Saturday night at her house:
Sklyer awoke this morning at 9:00 and was lying in bed singing. Then he said, "I am a big boy; I am 6-years-old. I don't need instructions from grown-ups. I just want my own world!"

...and tonight:

V: "I don't have any idea why I'm not showing up in your Skype window!"

CM: "Go into your account."

V: "Can't. I'll try my profile on their site. I'm getting an error message that says 'You must enable cookies for Skype to work'."

CM: Hell, yes! You should know better than not to allow cookies!!! How can you hope to do anything without cookies?!?

V: Hang on, hang on! I'm pulling up my prefs. Ha, see, it says 'cookies are enabled.' In fact it's set to 'always allow cookies'."

CM: Whoa! Hold on! No, that's bad. You shouldn't allow cookies from just anyone. You can't possibly allow cookies from everyone! You should, in fact, really only be allowing cookies from people you know. LIKE ME! ONLY FROM ME! I'm going to have to get my hands on that Mac of yours when I'm over there next!!!

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