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song du jour: Through the Fire, chaka Khan

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Well, the post-modernists say it's all only about perspectives. I think there's more to life, but I just got a cool taste of someone else's of me. Trippy. My student, Kathy, has a new blog up, and the latest entry is about what she made in the class I taught last night. One of her lovely pieces of jewelry? No, a blob. Really. I made all the students make them. Ah there is method to my madness, and Kathy believes me (Though truly, if I had to suck down any more zinc, bronze, copper, and silver burn off, I'd be nutsier than I already am!).
Plays with Fire
Check her out!


Kathy said...

I just came to look at some of your filigree to help me come up with a design and was so pleasantly surprised to find your note about me! Thanks for the mention!

Jessica said...

What BEAUTIFUL filigree! I can't wait to take your class, whenever I move back to GA!
(PS-I'm Kathy's daughter)