I Want my Mummy!

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Never say The Valley of the Kings is exhausted! Here's the best video I found on the newly discovered tomb, KV63, complete with an appearance by the wildly passionate Dr. Zahi himself. (I believe the dude doesn't allow filming of archaeological sites without his getting to appear on camera.)

We all think, from time to time, about the paths we might have taken instead of the ones we did. I have no regrets about my choices, but when stuff like this pops up, at least I know I wasn't the slightest bit delusional in my dreams. I spent my childhood and a chunk of my adolescence - ok, who am I kidding? part of my 20's! - dreaming of finding another tomb in that valley, despite most everyone insisting there weren't any more. The team that discovered it is from the University of Memphis, the place I was accepted for grad school in Egyptology and hoped I'd continue working with afterwards before making that last minute decision that I'd rather make art than dig it up. It's really rather nice to know that my dream was validated and quite possible. Besides, having believed for a time that live Egyptians were more interesting than mummified ones, I ended up with a little one of my own, and I sure wouldn't trade him! ;-)

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