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What America Does Best: Creating Our Enemies of Tomorrow

After listening to the latest new blips about the Middle East, I wanted to scream. (This is why I limit my news gathering to once a week.) Oh, big surprise that our attacking Iraq has turned it into Al Qaeda headquarters. I said that when there was first talk of invading. Now, I know I'm smarter than the average bear, and that I and at least half the population have a good 20 IQ points over the average politician, but it is still beyond me how they can be so bloody STUPID!

I suppose if we don't create enemies, then we never get to have politicians try to convince us that they are saving us from them.

Canada anyone? France? Mars? (Venus?)

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ebuddha said...

Amen. I really have never blogged about the war, though I was against it, because it is being covered better by many other sources.

But -

Amen to what you say!