song du jour: New York State of Mind, Billy Joel

mood: mild wanderlust

Hee hee

Between tapes of slightly more intelligent TV, I caught glimpses and eventually got hooked on a cheesy BBC drama called Mile High. Does the story line even need any explanation or elaboration? I didn't think so. In checking to make sure I was catching the latest episode and not wasting my time on reruns, I found this test for your perfect Sex-tination. Mine's New York. Apparently I can dine in style and ride thru Central Park with my true love and then pick up some sexy sleaze of a hot body in an East Village dive. Well, I'd rather be in Aruba, but I'd certainly settle for NY. The irony is that Sky's father called yesterday to let me know he won't be spending his weekly 3-1/2 hours with his son because he's in (drum roll please)...New York.

Yes, definitely give me Aruba. ;-)

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Jean said...

I was worried there for a moment - you weren't really listening to Billy Joel! My "sex-tination" is Paris, btw - the city that I came to hate when I was there - a nice ironic statement on my love life. Oh well.