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Got word a few days ago that Uriah's entrance into the world came safely. Congratulations to David Jon & Monica on the birth of their son. This photo that came with the good news is priceless.

Smiles like that on newborns are a bit rare! :-)

Seeing Uriah's photo brought back a sudden memory of how utterly yummy Skyler smelled when he was still what his father used to call "a fresh one." Having no biological clock and never needing to ogle in every passing stroller, I liked babies ok, but I was hardly baby obsessed. Upon having one, I flipped a bit the other way (although never enough to have another one...never...ever...operating room flashbacks! ...yikes...breathe...ok, I'm alright now.) What was I saying? Oh, right, after having one of my own I got slammed into the reality of just how marvelous these little critters are. The smell of their skin and hair is indescribable, but think something along the lines of your most favorite warm fuzzy sweater and fresh baked cookies.

Sitting in the NICU day after day for a month, I had little else to do but snuggle, sniff, and watch Skyler sleep, (After he came home it was more like snuggle while listening to him scream.) and I remember marveling at his expression and freaky hand gestures (He conducted then too.) as he drifted off to dreamland. I sneak in sometimes to watch him sleep now that he sleeps in his own room (mostly), for that is the time that he still looks just like that tiny baby with the same sleepy expressions.

To David Jon, it's hard to say the usual parenting advice, "enjoy it now because they grow so fast." Most days I still feel in the thick of it, but it's true. They change daily, so enjoy it, even the insanity and the chaos, and snuggle in and get a whiff of heaven.

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David Jon Peckinpaugh said...

Thank you so much Victoria,

Your friendship has been indispensable in all of this. Truly it has. As you know, any additional support that a parent (or parent-to-be) can get is worth more than gold. And you have been tremendously supportive. For this I thank you. ; o )

I have noticed a change in my priorities. Things that used to be really important to me now--first place in the priority list--are falling to secondary status. It is all quite amazing. And I am doing my level best to enjoy each moment and savour every step along the way. Because we are here now but once to see... glimpse... feel... realize... bear witness to the miraculous unfolding of life in our children.

(amazing how present-centered and mindful having a child can make us--how it catalyzes mindfulness/awareness).

Much Love,
David Jon