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Well, thanks to Matthew, I am now blogging on blogger! Yes, as promised way back when Rommel interviewed me, I finally shifted my blog over to one with real comment features (so you don't get 'trimmed' like on the old page) and RSS or whatever the hell blogger features. In truth, since I had to hit the ground running with the new stalking Tiger G5, I haven't even set Safari's integrated reader up yet, so I've been clicking the old fashioned way, looking to see who's posted/updated their sites.

And another issue is that I've yet to figure out the, I'm sure, super easy way to link on here, otherwise, Matthew, Rommel, Apple's new OS, etc. would be in blue. Oh, well. Notice I got the picture in the post below uploaded all by myself (had to debug something). Be impressed. ;-) This was a damned site easier than what I tried to do with Word Press back in the summer. Matthew, you made it painless!!! You're my hero!

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MD said...

You are welcome, Lady V.